How your goods are packed.

Orders are shipped in plain brown padded envelopes that give no indication of the contents contained within.

How long your goods take to reach you.
Orders to the US are shipped 1st class and are normally delivered within 2 to 4 days of receipt of order. Orders to the rest of Europe, UK, Canada and Australia are sent by Airmail and are normally delivered within 4 to 7 days of receipt of order. Please note that the above timescales refer to working days and not weekends or public holidays.

Delivery to the UK and Canada.
Due to import restrictions, charge a little higher shipping fees for orders from the UK, Australia or Canada directly. Orders to these countries are successful Despite the high shipping fees we charge, we also have 97% success rate for shipments to these areas.

Import restrictions
It is understood that customers agree to abide by his/her country’s import regulations. Nevertheless, takes responsible for goods seized due to the import restrictions of a particular country and we’ll send a second Package.

Delivery delays is not held responsible for any delays that arise as a result of late deliveries from manufacturers or suppliers, unforeseen delays in the postal system or delays caused by public holidays. Likewise, will not be held responsible for delays or loss of goods caused by incorrect or incomplete delivery address information submitted at the time of order so please ensure that the details you provide are complete and correct before submitting your order.

Orders not received
An order is not regarded as lost until 28 days has passed since the time of order. Under rare circumstances, unforeseen delays can arise and so a reasonable amount of time must be allowed to pass before we investigate/resolve the matter. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us if an order has not been received. Any chargebacks/reverse payment requests that arise from not following the above procedure will result in no more orders being accepted from that customer.

Contact us if you have a question
If you have any questions whatsoever regarding the delivery of your goods or the ordering process, you are advised to contact us via our ‘FAQS’- page. We answer all queries on a daily basis and always strive to resolve any queries or problems in a timely manner.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s for more information.

Benson Chems
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